Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scouta's Out! 

Hey, and I only logged in for the first time last night - phew, I'd hate to be an ordinary Dee Public who only jumped on board today.

Scouta's making browsing and sharing video, audio and podcasts look too easy and too much fun for me to miss out. So maybe I really need to find some more time, get broadband, and make it so my computer makes some sounds other than those cranking noises it does when it's thinking and the hum from its fan.

And you, you should check out Scouta now!

Thanks for the post Dee!

And yes, you really do need broadband :). Do they still sell dial-up :)

Lol, yes indeed they do sell dial-up - to me and one other person. :-) Best of luck with the public launch!

Hi Dee,
Hope everything is okay. I have become the sibling that nobody talks too. Maybe because I don;t call anyone.That would help I think...
Your boots will be walking their way over the Bass strait and beyond shortly.Enjoy your time with mum..
Take Care
Love Megx
It's too hot to call Tassie, lol. We hear what you're up to from Mum. :-) I'll e-mail soon!

Lots of love,

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