Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sun Burst 

I'm heading off to work early to avoid the heat but I still set out to buy my lunch each day. I like to get out of the air-conditioned building and I feel an unexpected relief when I go out into the open, even though it reached 42C here in Perth today. I wandered outside to eat a nectarine for afternoon tea today and walked up to the park to sit on a bench under a tree. In heat like this, I notice the difference in temperature as I move from the minimal shelter at the entrance to our building to the concrete ramp in full sun and with a brick wall to the side and then to the shade of trees in the park. Same air, no direct sun and less reflected heat. Vegetation makes it possible to sit outside.

[An aside: If I worked in the City of Melville, I could have splashed under the sprinklers at lunchtime yesterday. I think this is my favourite PerthNorg post so far - disbelief! Oh my God!]

I'd expect the heat to zap me, but today I had more energy than is required to sit down at a computer and kept wanting to get up and do something. I left early because I arrived early and at the train station I stood up and walked around. At home I cooked myself pasta and ate two bowls of it - isn't this low-fuss salad weather? I hung my washing out at 7pm and brought it in again dry at 9pm. What's going on?

I think it's wearing a skirt just above the knees that might do it, and a t-shirt. I felt like a school girl waiting for the bus this morning. Yay! I'm free! Doesn't life have possibilities? Yay, I'm wearing s skirt!

Today I also imagined what it might be like to live somewhere hot by the beach, where I could relax and live the Holiday Life. Weird, because it's hot here and I live kinda close to the beach. And if I leave early, it's almost like I am on holiday. Yay, the possibilities. :-)

Deanne, your not-so-far-away beach was in the news (pic):,21498,21334140-2761,00.html?from=public_rss

In Carnarvon bananas fell off the trees due to the heat!
At the moment I´m quite happy to be here... 3,5 °C this morning.
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