Monday, April 23, 2007

Broken In 

Friday night I swapped white canes so that I had mine back. We each checked to make sure we had the right one, just in case a third cane was involved. I didn't use mine the weekend of the mix up because a different friend borrowed it, having left accidentally hers at home.

I'm feeling dizzy just thinking about it. I hate my cane to be away and I hardly ever use it.

My own cane has a ball tip, rather than a roller tip or, heavens above, no tip. My tip's remained pretty much round over the six years I've had it.

So -

Oh, hang on - my tip's rounder than...

And then I realised. In the short space of a month, someone who walks everywhere and needs a cane to do it can give a round tip a pretty hard edge. My cane's been broken in!

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