Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dance the Impossible 

G (so now we're going for anonymity) and I finished the six week beginners pole dancing course a while back and tonight we took our first regular pole dancing exercise class - Smouler and Spin.

Never have I felt so unco, so unsexy, and so not curvy as when learning to pole dance. Yep, and tonight was no different. One minute I'm a star and kicking my legs straight and high and the next I can't work out how to do a body wave or where to place my hands for a spin. We missed all but the last two spins in the first routine because we couldn't remember how to do them.

And it's so hard to point one's toes when your foot starts to cramp a little!

I can now grab onto the pole with my hands, hoike myself off the ground and hold for a count of four instead of freaking out and tensing my neck and shoulders like that's going to make up for years of lifting not much more than my shopping. And repeat.

What I like about it is that I find myself doing moves I thought impossible for me to learn. I give up and then I find I can do it. I swear, if I could see more I'd chuck a tanty and run away without trying. Instead, I'm not confident I'd find the door if I did attempt to run away and so I have to listen and try again. And it works!

This time round I didn't come away with any bruises either - in fact, I learnt new moves at swish on the weekend and that caused more aches and pains, so one way or another, I'm improving.

Wow, good one!
I did one pole dancing 'class' for a hen's night a few years ago... and it's not easy!!!
Heya Simone,

I think they take it a bit easier in the beginners class than on the hen's nights - G hung upside down from a pole when on a hen's night visit but we haven't done anything that advanced in the classes. :-) That's how we learnt about the classes, after G went on her cousin's hen's night. I wanted to have a go too! :-) Yeah, tis hard work but it's fun. :-)
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