Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dee and Iris at Blogger Meetup - in December! 

Dee and Iris
Dee and Iris

Iris and Ingo visited from Germany in December and it's taken me all this while to upload a photo that Ingo took of Iris and I. I'm on the right! I like this photo because neither of us is looking directly at the camera, we're probably following different conversations, and we're both smiling. I think I look nervy and relaxed at once, so it's a regular blogger meetup. The lights in the background are in William Street, Northbridge as seen from the balcony of the Brass Monkey Hotel.

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Nice photo Dee!

But I do believe that's you on the left? (though doubting myself now, I often have trouble with left and right, especially while giving directions (in the car) when having to think quick!)

Hehe, Deanne, yep, I also mix up left and right all the time. Let´s simply say, you´re the one with the great hair and I´m the one with the glasses :-)

Maybe we make it to another Meetup sometime...
(if the flight wasn´t so awful loooooong... If you inveent beaming or know someone who did, please let me know! ;-)
Lol, how did I do that? I have been so flaky lately - but to punctuate my mistake with an exclamation mark! I don't know.. tsk tsk. I will fix it when I have time. :-) Yeah, a day-long flight for a few hours at the Brass Monkey probably isn't worth it - maybe we need to do blogger meetup at some halfway kinda place like, I don't Cape Town? Los Angeles? Antarctica? :-)
Naaaah, brrrr.... I´d say for a blogger meetup we need at least 30 °C!
I´ve never been to the US yet, so L.A. could be an option ;-)

On the other hand, Ingo talks already about the next visit in Perth!
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