Saturday, April 21, 2007

Small Town, Great Views 

Like Augusta, only with more taxis. Thanks to a mix up (and not thanks to Telstra and a delayed SMS) I spent a couple of hours wandering Freo last night breathing in the smell of anchovies and cheese. Then I caught a bus home and declared myself too tired, hungry and grumpy to go out. Lucky a friend persuaded me to come out anyway and swung by in a taxi to pick me up because:

  • We went to Legends in Attadale and saw a friend's band play.

  • We moved on to a place overlooking the Swan, sat out the front and talked.

  • On the way home, I chatted to friends at a place in Freo that overlooks the Passenger Terminal and the harbour.

From this, you can tell that I like music, chatting and just checking out the view. I'm compelled to look at the view, I feel like I'm wasting chances if I don't. That's why I spent so long in Augusta. Oh look, the ocean, the river, the bush, the paddocks...

So it was kinda funny to have one of those 'so do you know so-and-so?' moments that you have in Perth, where people you know from two unrelated places have their own connection, and after which people remark that Perth is such a small place. Not compared to some, but then as everyone always says next - well, it's not really, but it is.

And it's kinda funny that it didn't occur to me that I've looked out over the Blackwood at night hundreds of times and instead thought 'wow, I'm so lucky to be here right now.' Which is what I thought every time I've looked out from where I lived, or from other people's houses, over the ocean or the river down south.

So I guess I'm just lucky a lot!

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