Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yesterday in Few Words 

Yesterday I caught a train from work into the city and from there took a taxi to Point Fraser, on the city side of the causeway, to tag along on a City of Perth Access Working Group site visit. We checked out the new kids playground (cool rope pyramids and big braille signs), the raised walkways, the information booth that's like a mini Australian Parliament House (you can walk up the grass to a lookout above it) and the taxi rank.

By some sweet coincidence, the visit ended at 12 noon and I could walk around the river's edge to the Claisebrook canal in East Perth in time for lunch at the Royal Bar and Cafe for work. Chicken florentine with creamy cointreau sauce for me and coffee overlooking the water on a sunny day.

I worked till six, kinda to make up for my not-at-all work-related visit to Point Fraser and also because I could walk from work into Northbridge for blogger meet up at seven. Lemon meringue pie at Valentinos called on the way - all of my earnings is spent on coffee and cake, it seems. So frivolous after months of cous cous and broccoli.

Perth Weblogger Meetup is morphing into Twitter meetup, so now you can catch up with GirlFriand on Twitter - just so I/she don't/doesn't feel left out! Surely I have time for 140 characters that describe my activity every so often? Great to meet new people, the regular blogger crew and also , who I've met online but have never met in person!

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