Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hat Trick Surprise 

Venetians Hat Trick Trophy

I think I was more surprised to be presented with my first ever sporting trophy at age 35 than to score a hat trick in my first-ever season of blind cricket. I'm so stoked, but I think that's partly because the trophy has the ball I used set into it. Looks a bit cleaner than it probably did on the day, I think I saw the bell glint on our presentation night!

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Congrats! Very cool trophy!
Woooh! Congratulations!
So they give out trophies for getting a hat trick against blind batman now? I suppose there must be some compensation for suppressing the desire to bounce them every ball =).

BTW, you are so not 35...25 maybe, but not 35.
Congrats from here, too :-)
Hey Guys,

Thanks! Lol, I am so 35 and the opposition batsmen (or possibly batswomen and children) aren't blind or vision impaired - there's only one blind cricket team in WA and I'm on it! :-)
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