Thursday, May 17, 2007

Megan Wants An Update 

Megs wants an update on what's happening in my world, so here's what's happening (and not happening). :-)

  • Hair cut! I rocked up just as the male hairdresser finished blowdrying his hair straight. Megan's straightened her hair and I'm wondering if it held? I'm too scared to go straight.

  • The hairdresser said I should watch Oprah that night because it was about a book that tells you how to project a positive attitude. I've been thinking positively ever since, although I missed Oprah because of blogger meetup. The hairdresser could see the positive side of that.

  • Called Erin and Rod after work and before meetup. We chatted for ages but poor Skye kept crying because she'd had two needles! I'm going up to Gero on the long weekend to see them (I hope - every time I blog a future event it falls through!)

  • Enjoyed blogger meetup because everyone's really chatty and relaxed (I've [probably mentioned this) and Kathryn gave me a lift home, which was sooo nice (a car? what do you do with one of these?).

  • Works good but a bit confusing at the moment because we're having so many computer hassles / IT changes. We're organising events for an awareness week and I've tentatively booked a wind-down event at Cinema Paradiso in Northbridge. Yay! Who wouldn't like a job where you get to ring up the cinema and check out movie reviews? I'm just hoping the 'sophisticated' (D from work reckons this is code for 'contains sex scenes') French (M from work reckons this means there'll definitely be sex scenes) romantic comedy we've chosen will be fun. Thinking positive!

  • Saw a $600 jumper in Claremont tonight. Cool pattern.

  • Bought Caelan a Michelangelo figurine, which he thinks is so cool he'll play with it forever. Gill is supergluing his foot back on tonight.

  • Remembered how Andrew could never get the beers cold enough in the fridge at Augusta when I was sticking my James Squire Golden Ale (it's so yummy!) away and trying to think which shelf to keep it on. Then I remembered that I have the fridge from Augusta.

That's about it. I'll let you know how the cricket do goes!

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