Saturday, May 05, 2007

Slice of Lime 

Gill and I went off to buy new glasses today.

I broke my old pair sometime Thursday night / Friday morning and if I can find the lense (ha, ha) then I can probably fix them. I won't rely on finding the lense to save money when I really need them for work right now.

Gill wanted a second opinion on frames and I did my best. I needed a first opinion because I can't see well enough to take it all in, so it's lucky for me that Gill needed a new pair.

In the shop, the guy asked about my prescription and we showed him the fax from my optometrist in Margs. I'm looking at a pair of glasses from the inside out and kinda half-hear the guy, looking at my script, announce that the script's easy and I 'won't need a labrador for that.'

La, la, la.

Gill and I decide not to explain why it is that she's describing each pair of frames to me. We do mention that my colour vision's a bit shot to explain why she's describing the colours. I mostly refrain from wearing my sunnies under the UV lights of the shop. A song comes on the radio that we both know only as 'one of the pole dancing songs' and we exchange startled looks. We take ages.

Maybe it's a dark thought - and I didn't mention this in the shop either, although it somehow justified my purchase - but I did think that I may not be wearing glasses for the rest of my life, so now's a good time to go purple. My chosen frames are lemon lime on the inside, and I also thought that it wouldn't hurt to get all the good cheer from the visual world that I can get.

By Wednesday we'll both have new specs - Gill's are green and mine will be mostly purple with hints of lemon lime. I paid extra so that I can't match my eyewear with any of my clothes. I'm a creative so that's okay.

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