Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I caught two taxis tonight. One went a couple of blocks out of my way because he didn't believe the building I wanted was the building I wanted (at first pass I figured I didn't know, on second pass I knew and still he was prepared to keep going) and it cost $10.40. The second driver took me the reverse journey without overshooting and doing a U-ey (actually, drive number one said this was dangerous but I think if he'd seen the pedestrians earlier... yeah) and it cost me $11.70. How is this - does the fare increase incrementally each hour after six pm? Maybe the first driver deducted some because of the roundabout trip, which would have been nice.

I'm still getting used to catching taxis, I don't like getting into cars with strangers and sometimes I feel they think I should be at home. On the way to cricket one Sunday, the driver asked me who went along to watch me - boyfriend, husband, family, friends? The questioning wasn't to suss out my marital status but seemed to imply that somebody should be with me. The team, I explained, they're there. They watch me, and the other club members who come along too.

We have our cricket night out (the swisho night out, not the end-of-training night out where we go to the pub) in a Saturday or two and I forgot to RSVP. So before I took my taxi tonight, I found myself scribbling the silent number of the club treasurer into my journal with an eye pencil so that I could organise a payment. I know I'll have to catch a taxi home because even if it finishes early, nobody likes to know I'm catching a train.

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I'll keep my fingers crossed that next time you catch a Cash Cab or Quiz Cab and make some money! :-)

There is one show on that here in Germany I like to watch - but since they show it on TV I would be afraid I don´t know the answers and hence I don´t wanna ever catch it! ;-)
Hi Iris,

I'd love to catch a Cash Cab, but the pressure might be too much - specially as I usually catch a taxi if I'm late! I think a cab driver / quiz show host would be a strange combination. The wikipedia article suggests there's an Aussie cash cab but I haven't seen it. :-)
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