Friday, May 18, 2007

There's A Desk Under There 

And a chair as well... there are photos and mags, with stories to tell...

Today, for the first time since I moved to my desk in our open plan office, I cleaned up my desk. I've cleaned up the part of my desk that I think of as mine before, and last week I sorted out my files, but because my desk is central, it's a depository for new library items, research contents and newsletters. I also found some photos, an out of date calendar that fit neatly into a CD case and a pretty card with frangipanis on it, addressed to everyone who worked in the office before I arrived.

Turns out, we stack the new library items on the floor near the shelves we call the library, ready for another worker to catalogue in September. We give the newsletters and stuff to this same staff member to file when she has time. Together we ditched the calendar, I gave her the photos (they're for our noticeboard when it's hung) and I've left the frangipani card on my desk along with a container full of pens and markers. I have my own pens in a draw, but like I said, it's a central spot in the office.

I know why I didn't sort this out earlier. It didn't seem urgent enough and I didn't like to sort through what appeared to be other people's stuff. Instead I hoped I wasn't holding on to anything important and felt guilty about not reading the research contents, magazines and newsletters or hassling someone about where to put the DVDs and books for the library.

Still, even though we had no access to e-mail or the share drive today, I did feel a bit guilty about the filing and time spent just reading. Reading seems like something you should do at home, not something you should do with a cup of tea at work. Even if what I read about was changing government policies and their implications for consumers and communities. Ahhh.

We'll have the server happening on Monday, so it'll be back to my connected electronic world, from where the visual (and physical) clutter of the real world niggles at me but doesn't actually bite.

Ahh, my clean desk. I even dusted!

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