Thursday, June 28, 2007

Like A Lizard Drinking 

So not that busy really but I have copied and pasted a few lizards in the last couple of days - a bit of a motif in a project I'm working on. A random motif but hey. Actually, maybe it's more of a Dee motif because the surprised noise I make at swish (those swish balls can surprise you) causes one player to ask if I've seen a lizard. I'm more likley to step on a lizard and that'd be some other surprised noise I'm sure.

Looking forward to BarCamp on Saturday (look it up!) and glad that we have PerthNorg after posting my first short article. Great to be able to tell your own story.

Bit stressed out, even after a trip down to Jalbarragup via Balingup and Nannup that took in a visit to Busselton and a visit with my youngest sister and niece (and Rod!). Actually, maybe a whirlwind trip south wasn't wasn't what I needed to de-stress. Lost my keys tonight (it's like exam time without the exams) and Gill came round (see?) with Caelan, my spare keys and a torch. We re-traced my steps over a k back to the shops, where we found them at the chemist. Lucky we brought the torch.

So that's me. Hope you're well!

Amazing you really found the keys!That´s real luck, I guess! Have fun at the BarCamp, sounds very interesting!
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