Sunday, July 15, 2007

Looking After Myself 

Two quiet weekends and a trip down south. Beautiful day Tuesday in Busselton and a lovely light came in through the stained glass windows at St Joseph's Church, where we celebrated my Nanna's life. My grandparents married there, and so did my my parents. Rose petals at the graveside made me smile in the sun.

Back to work on Wednesday after a bus trip home. I think I need to write myself untired. I cancelled everything this weekend except swish, where I don't need to talk. T works out a month's worth of tension at swish and I have the bruises to prove it. I'm not tough, I just don't want to lose my nerve before I buy some protective clothing. A priority yesterday, the protective clothing. Today I bought fishnet stay ups at Myer with J. So bring it on and I'll look after myself.

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"Fishnet stay ups" - what a name! The dictionary Leo doesn´t know it but thanks to google I know what you´re talking about!

Sure, you´ve got winter - don´t try those on here now (ten in the evening, still over 25 °C! (YAY!... Yay? Awww, well! :-)...))
Good for people to know.
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