Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Girl Who Got What She Wanted 

I did whatever I felt like doing on Saturday.

First I walked to Daisy's for a takeaway coffee and then to the beach.

In Cottesloe, I bought a jacket from the Empire Rose outlet, ate lunch and picked up some cycling gloves to wear at swish. Without looking, I spotted two gifts.

After walking home with all these plus the paper, a lotto ticket and some groceries, I set off for a local nursery.

Ahh, boronia. Every year I breathe in the first scent of it and feel like there's more to life than the everyday. I felt like a child as I carried it past the other plants - doing what pleases me, in a little way.

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Hehe, Deanne, that sounds great! And thanks to Wikipedia I now know what boronia is, too - sounds fresh and yummy, too!
Sounds like spring is slowly on the way at your place? Wish I could just beam over for a cup of coffee and have a little more time to see the beach again! Oh, and you, certainly ;-)
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