Sunday, August 12, 2007

TOIL, Surprise Visits and Full-Length Mirrors 

Gill and I both took time off in lieu on Friday afternoon. I'm to be a bridesmaid (and Gill a bride - wow!) and we thought we might spend some time thinking about whatever it is people think about before weddings. If another person tells me I need to tell her to book ahead, I may start to feel some heavy responsibility. As it is, we went to Epic for coffee and then Tiger, Tiger for lunch and I still feel like I'm just the person for the job.

On Saturday I went to the Old Bakery on Eighth Ave before swish - it's starting to be a regular place to visit because of the yummy sandwiches and because the coffees come with a little wee tiny tasty biscuit. At swish I wore my new cycling gloves (back to front on P's advice) and a support bandage supplied by L and I have no bruises to show for it. Felt like Spiderman in the gloves. Discovered that the venue has a wheelchair accessible toilet with a full-length mirror in it - I think the church's op shop customers use it as a fitting room.

Erin and Rod (and Skye) called on Saturday night to say they were at the Hungry Jacks drive-through down the road and could they pick me anything up? They stayed at the OBH and we ate brekky at La Barchetta before driving to Freo and checking out the markets. A good surprise visit!

So not a bad weekend, especially after I worked out that I needed to blog.

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