Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stress Head Daughter 

Dad's scheduled to have a bypass or four on Monday morning, re-scheduled from Wednesday after someone realised that there wouldn't be any beds in the ICU at Royal Hobart. I am trying not to stress out but I am my father's daughter and so I am not staying all that calm or all that patient. Lol, Dad's shifted his bed on at least one occasion to escape the smell of the food wafting in.

Today I couldn't get the odd-page footers in a document to display the right page numbers... 11, 10, 11, 12, 11. Did I stay calm? Did it help that the online MS help article I read began, "Like a lot of things you do in Word, page numbering can be incredibly simple…until it isn't." ? No!

I spent part of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday down in Freo for the Working Out What Works - 16th WA Alcohol and other Drug Symposium. Heaps of interesting information (could we one day vaccinate against smoking or test for a genetic pre-disposition to addiction?) and a dinner debate on co-morbidity. During a break on Tuesday I snuck out to buy Dad some socks.

Still managed to get to Blogger meetup on Wednesday - too busy to get to a computer and change my attendance from 'Yes' to 'No.' Tomorrow I'm off to a cricket meeting - I'm an accidental secretary. It's that AGM time of year - I've attended three in the last month.

Ooh, and Varekai! Loved the guy in the net, the girl in the hoop and the Russian swings.

Cricket practice starts on Tuesday and we're all hanging to stand around on the oval from what I hear - swing a bat, run around.

Still dancing. A very anxious dancer, but what can you do?

Big hello to Iris! Thanks for your comments, hope you're well!

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Deanne, thanks, I´m fine. Oh, I´m sorry your father has to go through surgery - I hope everything turns out good!
But why did you buy him socks? You´re into spring - is it still that cold in Tasmania? Will you see him before surgery?
Good thing to get distracted by dancing and cricket.
Hope you had fun at the meetup, good to see you´re doin fine :-)
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