Monday, October 15, 2007

Dee Underground 

The trains really snake in the new tunnels under the city. By the afternoon rush most commuters walked the platforms and underground walkways like they walked them every day. Two storeys below William St is still William St.

I walked from Platform 7 above-ground through the city to the new Esplanade Station, caught the train to Leederville, ate a burger at Retro Betty's (so good) and then caught a train back to the new underground platforms at Perth Station. From here I took the underground tunnel under Wellington St and up into the old carpark on the Wellington St side of the Horseshoe Bridge.

Uncomplicated, all-new, a big change hidden, and snaky.

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Sounds like fun, I might have to take the train on Sunday into the city :D
Sounds a bit scary but then that might be because here it´s still dark outside.
All fresh and new, huh? So I am at least warned if I make it there again and hopefully will not get lost :-)
Hi Simone, Hey Iris!

The tunnel's not very long and definitely not scary, but it does feel strange to be moving under the city and aware of the curves. Coming into town I could see the inside of the trailing carriages appear to move sideways - I guess I was moving around ahead of them, but it looked like they did all the moving and I stayed still!

Too roo for now,

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