Friday, September 01, 2006

Blog Day Night 

Ooops, like last year I've left finding five new blogs to read till International Blog Day is almost over.

Thanks heaps to Sirexkat from Librarians Matter (and Freo) for including Temporal Island in her 5 Blogs for International Blog Day at Libraries Interact.

Okay, so now to find five blogs...

  1. Don't Tell the Donor is all about fundraising for non-profits. I'm a terrible fundraiser, I have next-to-no ideas and I don't like to ask people for money or misrepresent an organisation, even if I know they do a good job. Found this via a post by Seth Godin.

  2. A Bex and A Good Lie Down Found this blog by typing 'Pedestrian' into Google Blog Search. A post titled Pedestrian mentioned the 103 bus.

  3. Scribe's Writing Desk Karen Lee Field writes fantasy chapter books for children. Discovered her blog by clicking on the 'writing' tag at AussieBlogs.

  4. Jitesh's journal Typed 'Brisbane' into Technorati and found Shadako (or Jitesh, I don't know! Short entries... by an almost-21-year-old).

  5. On the Broad Gauge HDZ blogs from Perth 'with a transport bent.' Discovered by going to blog on my blogroll (Urban Creature) and clicking on a blog in Aaron's blogroll.

Ooh, tried to visit Daypop and Blogdex (how long has it been?) and they're not there! Gary Price from ResourceShelf has A Brief Tribute.

CW lists five blogs for blog day at Ruminations and includes the Blog Day rules. Apprently I need to contact the blog owners and say Hi. I'll have to do that tomorrow!

CW also mentioned that she's still reading her picks from last year. Blog Day Listless is my Blog Day post from last year. I'll check them all out again soon. I still read Ponderance because I've since subscribed and because Tama's a local (and I like reading about that stuff). Using a feed reader's made a big difference to my blog reading.

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