Thursday, March 25, 2004

Wild Life 

Gill, Caelan and I drove down to Cottesloe beach for a swim Sunday morning. Later that day a shark was spotted. Very hot in Perth over the weekend... temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s Celsius. The water was surprisingly cool in comparison to the heat.

Saw Along Came Polly for five dollars at the Piccadilly on Monday morning. A Monday-morning-during-a-heatwave kind of film, at least if you've already shopped and eaten breakfast. The highlight was the noise of the curtain being raised - I'd definitely pay five bucks to hear that again but then maybe that clues you in as to why the movie didn't grab me as much as it did some of the other patrons.

Bought Boot The Nimrod Flip-Out by Etger Keret for his birthday, although I think it's Mum that's reading it. Strange and short Israeli short stories. I've also borrowed Benang: from the heart by Kim Scott from a member of the writer's group. The person I borrowed it from decided that it was too difficult to keep track of the family connections in the novel. Seeing as how it traces connections in a family in which not all connections are acknowledged or even known, while others are forcibly broken, I guess that's the point. The novel is fiction partly based on fact and so far I'm enjoying both the author's style, the West Australian setting and the way the story reveals a little piece of a genealogical puzzle out of chronological order. Somehow this makes it easier to relate to the characters, and keeps me wondering about the more immediate ancestors of the protagonist.

Bought a friend a saucepan on Saturday (just changing the subject). I may have startled a Myer employee by asking for the pot section - it was down a level from homeware and behind the towels. I even bought pyjamas so that I can sit on our front verandah and eat brekky without having to get too tizzed up. Spent I-don't-know-how long trying to figure out how to follow the instructions on the digital photo labs touchscreen. Luckily the arcade in which I was standing wasn't busy and no one else needed to order digital photo prints. I wish this demonstrated great stick-to-it-iveness and independence on my part.

A kangaroo and joey are coming into Doonbanks each dawn and dusk.

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Dog Poo on a Sunny Day 

Beautiful sunny day here today and I've been hitting a tennis ball to Ripper with a racket down by the river. Not always that succesfully, I have to admit, but if I swing up at the ball I'm more likely to hit it than if I try to swat at it from other angles. Rosie is recuperating well and pooing in places that I might not expect to find poo. I certainly don't like to find it with my sneakers. Treaded soles suddenly don't seem that practical.

Really enjoyed watching Harvie Krumpet on SBS Monday night. We switched over afterwards to see Parkie interviewed on Enough Rope and it was a pleasant surprise to see Harvie Krumpet's director Adam Elliot interviewed at the end of the show.

A friend is researching the use of computers and the Internet by people who are blind or vision impaired in Australia and I've interviewed four of his research participants by telephone. I'm now learning a little more about adaptive technology and how it affects people's Internet experience.

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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Bush Maths 

I made the mistake of celebrating one year of blogging, which either upped the pressure to remember to blog (and I don't respond well to any kind of pressure, unconsciously self-imposed or other) or caused me to feel that I'd blogged quite enough for just now. So now I have to quickly report that Rosie's foot is sore after a semi-permanent resident accidentally ran over it in her car (Rosie is a bit deaf and a bit blind and likes to sleep anywhere within the park) and that Andrew (home from Darwin) and I drove to Nannup with Ripper. We saw emus by the side of the road and Ripper looked at them keenly. I walked along a fire brigade access trail and worried (panicked) about the possibility of meeting snakes and listened to the breeze in the treetops while Ripper sniffed about in the bush and Andrew worked on his backhoe. When I returned we debated how many ways one can connect three wires to three other wires (say, if you've had to hotwire your backhoe and you'd like to be able to use the keys again). I feel like this is something I should remember from maths and drew a diagram in my journal while Andrew 'showed' me what he meant with six fingers waggling about. Ripper's breath smells like fish and the river (dog breath would actually be more desirable) and he's decided it's more comfortable to lay his head on the armrest built into the Kingswood's door than on the seat.
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