Saturday, December 02, 2006

Skewiff Searches 

Tonight I checked my site referrals to see where my visitors have come from. Someone from Cranford, New Jersey, USA searched for 'rain eating urine german.' Umm, and 'here's the post they found.

Another visitor found me by searching for 'wardrobe mishaps' - which lead to a post about a then-upcoming blogger awards night that I didn't attend. Can't people tell from the summary of the search results that a page or post isn't relevant? Maybe some people are just bored and surf without intent.

Two different people (one from Massachusetts and another from Kentucky in the US) searched for 'immaculate degeneration' too. I've often wondered what occasionally draws people to my September 2005 archive and now I think I know. Misinformation - but at least the post might give them a better idea of how to find out what they want to know.

Rodney from The Journey recently asked about the weirdest or funniest searches that led people to your blog? So here's my response!

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