Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scouta's Out! 

Hey, and I only logged in for the first time last night - phew, I'd hate to be an ordinary Dee Public who only jumped on board today.

Scouta's making browsing and sharing video, audio and podcasts look too easy and too much fun for me to miss out. So maybe I really need to find some more time, get broadband, and make it so my computer makes some sounds other than those cranking noises it does when it's thinking and the hum from its fan.

And you, you should check out Scouta now!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

In A Week When L Lost His Pants 

I celebrated my 35th birthday, my boss said I have the job, and Gill and I went to the Funk Club - which is very relaxed and funky indeed - at the Leederville. J and Gill and I tried to ignore the rainbow lorikeets screeching as we ate dinner at Tropicana and watched the sun set over Cottesloe beach on Friday. Later we sat outside La Barchetta for dessert and listened to the goings on at the OBH. Our writers group met at the Albion for drinks on Thursday. Shan sent me some fruit lollies. Boot rang me at work to wish me a happy birthday. Shan texted, Erin called from a phone box. And the school librarian at Caelan's school died. A man who lent books and tended chooks. Prizewinning chooks, from the schoolyard to the Royal Show.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blind Eye 

We meet for Swish in a church hall in Maylands. On Saturday a woman came to the door and was offered a glass of water. When she didn't leave as asked, she was told again to go and one of the group went to call the police. I didn't see her and could only hear the requests for her to leave as I made a cup of tea in the kitchen. I felt bad that on such a hot day she had to leave. I know that the security of the hall is our responsibility while we are there, and that we need to protect ourselves and our own property. We have to make decisions.

On Tuesday I arrived at cricket practice late and nipped up to the changerooms to find them locked. I went to the drink fountain to wash nectarine juice from my hands, and remembered the second entrance to the rooms. It comes off a recess behind the canteen, which might have done as an alternative place to change. As I stepped up to the dim gap, I noticed some bags, or rubbish, on the concrete floor - not bags, but a man. Maybe. A decent-sized man. Was he asleep, or drugged or sick? Was he dead? Or alright?

I had smiled at the half-imagined human, and looked away so as not to intrude. I didn't feel comfortable checking out the situation further - not just because I didn't want to intrude but because I couldn't get close enough to see without getting close enough to be grabbed.

Instead, I walked around to the public toilets at the back of the change rooms. I didn't want to enter, or touch anything, even though they are light. Partly visible from the street, I stood behind the brick wall at the entrance and changed from work clothes into shorts and a t-shirt, taking off my boots, sighing and swearing gently under my breath, looking for sharps amongst the few dry twigs, and slipping into my sneakers.

Then I left for the oval to play cricket.

I'm surprised at how I didn't fret about the man at the changeroom door. None of my business. I looked after me first. I didn't freak out and I didn't look back. And maybe he was rubbish after all.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

80/20 and Out 

My friend J's started sharing her knowedge of organisational skills. I can organise to sleep eight hours, eat (v. important - not just any food will do!), and to keep in touch with friends (actually, just very close friends) and family. That's about it, although I haven't gone to work naked at midnight yet, so I guess I'm good there too. Okay, and exercise and blogging are a priority. I do what I most need to do to stay sane.

When I think back to uni, I don't remember anyone teaching us how to manage our time. Either you managed to hand in assignments or you didn't come back next semester. I came back each semester but I lead a very simple life!

So J, who studied organisational management at uni, is filling me in. She's asked me to decide on which 20% of my work (the most important) should I spend 80% of my time. The 80/20 Rule.

Most of my readers probably already know this stuff but I'm still learning. Late but not never. I'd tell you more but I need to go to bed!

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