Sunday, November 28, 2004

Welcome Rori! 

Megan gave birth to Rori Anne on Friday at the Margaret River District Hospital. Rori is my first niece and she is gorgeous.

Mum, Dad, Shannon and I visited Megan in hospital yesterday morning. Eight of us plus the midwife in a twin room occupied only by Megan and Rori, us visitors quietly moving about to take our turn at seeing Rori and smiling. We visited just before Macka and Callum took them home after a noisy night at the hospital.

Shannon tagged along with Matt and Boot to where the pair were working on Rosa Glen Rd. We picked her up on the way through later in the morning and, because Matt and Boot didn't finish work till 1pm, we drove about the new subdivisions in Margs, had a coffee, and went for a looksee in nearby Cowaramup. I'd taken two pics of Rori to show Boot and which I've now sent to Erin.

Mum and I snuck around to see Rori at home again today. My first hold didn't phase her at all. She slept and stretched and stayed comfortable. Only after I gave her back to Megan did I realise my right arm was stuck in the 'hold' position, lol. Did I mention that she's quite gorgeous?

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Birthday Erin!!! 

Yeah! Present arriving as soon as I buy it and send it. NO, haven't been anywhere near shops in recent days. Terrible not having a licence, can't get out and shop. Repeat: prezzie arriving any day soon! Happy birthday!

Lots of love and long distance sister stuff,


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Summer Sandals 

My feet looked awfully white in the shoe store, almost as if they'd been wearing only socks and Blundstone boots for the last few years. Sandals are flat to the floor this season and so it was time. Time for me to bare all and bravely ask to see the sandal selection at the shoe store in Margaret River. And am I glad I did? Yep! I now have one pair of flat orange sandals and a pair of red leather slip-ons, kind of a cross between sandals and what we might call thongs here in Australia (but not elsewhere... don't get any funny ideas). For a while I thought maybe they might clash with almost everything I own but then I figured who cares. So now everytime I look at my feet in my happy red slip-ons/thongs/sandals I feel all light and summery.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Green Eyes 

Finally my rosemary is growing. Like my thyme, I think it prefers the privacy of the back decking compared to the front verandah. The hot weather's perked up my sweet basil too, it was looking a bit sad and not at all like it hoped to be sprinkled over a pizza.

Two weekends ago I spotted Gill's rosemary plant and felt quite jealous that it was growing so well. Granted, it's lived a longer life but I only just noticed it. I've probably watered it before but I only just noticed it. I've probably even rubbed the leaves to smell its scent before but because I didn't yet have a rosemary plant of my own, I didn't remember. Then I turned around to look at some more plants (Gill's bought heaps of seedlings from Kings Park recently - banksias. leschenaultia and chorizemas just to name a few) and discovered an even bigger rosemary plant. Uh oh, Rosemary Envy. And she has a waterfall thyme. Luckily my thyme is flowering (yes, I took a photo I was so surprised... who'd have guessed, plants flowering in spring?) and so I felt okay about that. If my rosemary ever starts to look less like it (she?) needs lots more love, I'll probably feel okay about that too.

In other plant news, our tomato plants are bearing fruit. One roma tomato and two regular tomatoes so far. The afro parsley's way on the lean but the old regular parsley that I was too wussy to pull out (how is it that I'm not vegetarian?) is doing really well. I think it's thriving now that it's not out the front. Someone told me that dogs like to wee on parsley and I have to say she's looked a lot like that might be true. Hence we haven't been eating a lot of parsley.

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Saturday, November 20, 2004


Abalones on the barbie tonight at Megan and Macka's place. Callum and I played totem tennis (or total tennis, as he calls it) and I didn't win. I'm proud to say that only once did the ball touch my face and I did manage to get a few hits. As many hits as misses, I reckon. Callum says I need more training. Callum will be six in less than a fortnight.
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Friday, November 19, 2004


It's tomorrow.

Megan and Callum rode their bikes to our place today. Megan's been eyeing off a mango in the fruit bowl for days so Mum and I ate it tonight. If it was still there tomorrow, Megan was going to claim it. Mum and I are now the muscle about the place, fearlessly carting painted railings from the backyard to the side drive in preparation for the builder's arrival. We tread very carefully.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ezza Ya Blogga 

Erin and Rod now have a blog called (wait for it...) ezza n rod! More exciting than that, they saw snow on Mt Wellington in Hobart on a sunny day. Erin even linked to my Web site - don't I have a great sister (or three)? Doesn't my sister have a lovely boyfriend? And a great car!!! Can't wait to read updates. I might even be inspired to update this blog more regularly. Maybe even tomorrow!
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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Novel Thyme 

Eeek, a few days ago I read about NaNoWriMo and thought I'd join in. National Novel Writing Month (which encourages participants from all over the world) challenges writers to start and finish a 50 000 word novel during the month of November. I was already a week late when I signed up and when nothing arrived in my in box to confirm participation, I thought I was off the hook. Today I discovered an e-mail from NaNoWriMo chatting about how I should be feeling now that I'm in Week Two of the challenge. Uh huh. Oh. Where I'm at is that I've finished reading The Lamplighter by Anthony O'Neill for book group. I've also read a few articles from The Australian Writer's Marketplace and even made what I hope is an inviting clip art-sprinkled poster about writer's group. My sweet basil, afro parsley and garlic chives are all planted and my thyme has flowered. I have plans for the weekend. And, it seems, a 50 000 word novel to write. I think it's fair to say that I won't be a novelist by 30 November but I'll have had a bit of fun reading the forums at NaNoWriMo all the same.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Pssstttt, Would You Like To Buy A Letter Z? 

Heya Janet,

Rather than link directly, I'll give you an address and ask you to substitute the word 'something' in that address for the name of your black dog (no capital letters!). The address is:

Hope it works for you!

Lots of love and thanks for a great stay in Adelaide!


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