Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hat Trick Surprise 

Venetians Hat Trick Trophy

I think I was more surprised to be presented with my first ever sporting trophy at age 35 than to score a hat trick in my first-ever season of blind cricket. I'm so stoked, but I think that's partly because the trophy has the ball I used set into it. Looks a bit cleaner than it probably did on the day, I think I saw the bell glint on our presentation night!

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Friday, May 18, 2007

There's A Desk Under There 

And a chair as well... there are photos and mags, with stories to tell...

Today, for the first time since I moved to my desk in our open plan office, I cleaned up my desk. I've cleaned up the part of my desk that I think of as mine before, and last week I sorted out my files, but because my desk is central, it's a depository for new library items, research contents and newsletters. I also found some photos, an out of date calendar that fit neatly into a CD case and a pretty card with frangipanis on it, addressed to everyone who worked in the office before I arrived.

Turns out, we stack the new library items on the floor near the shelves we call the library, ready for another worker to catalogue in September. We give the newsletters and stuff to this same staff member to file when she has time. Together we ditched the calendar, I gave her the photos (they're for our noticeboard when it's hung) and I've left the frangipani card on my desk along with a container full of pens and markers. I have my own pens in a draw, but like I said, it's a central spot in the office.

I know why I didn't sort this out earlier. It didn't seem urgent enough and I didn't like to sort through what appeared to be other people's stuff. Instead I hoped I wasn't holding on to anything important and felt guilty about not reading the research contents, magazines and newsletters or hassling someone about where to put the DVDs and books for the library.

Still, even though we had no access to e-mail or the share drive today, I did feel a bit guilty about the filing and time spent just reading. Reading seems like something you should do at home, not something you should do with a cup of tea at work. Even if what I read about was changing government policies and their implications for consumers and communities. Ahhh.

We'll have the server happening on Monday, so it'll be back to my connected electronic world, from where the visual (and physical) clutter of the real world niggles at me but doesn't actually bite.

Ahh, my clean desk. I even dusted!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Megan Wants An Update 

Megs wants an update on what's happening in my world, so here's what's happening (and not happening). :-)

  • Hair cut! I rocked up just as the male hairdresser finished blowdrying his hair straight. Megan's straightened her hair and I'm wondering if it held? I'm too scared to go straight.

  • The hairdresser said I should watch Oprah that night because it was about a book that tells you how to project a positive attitude. I've been thinking positively ever since, although I missed Oprah because of blogger meetup. The hairdresser could see the positive side of that.

  • Called Erin and Rod after work and before meetup. We chatted for ages but poor Skye kept crying because she'd had two needles! I'm going up to Gero on the long weekend to see them (I hope - every time I blog a future event it falls through!)

  • Enjoyed blogger meetup because everyone's really chatty and relaxed (I've [probably mentioned this) and Kathryn gave me a lift home, which was sooo nice (a car? what do you do with one of these?).

  • Works good but a bit confusing at the moment because we're having so many computer hassles / IT changes. We're organising events for an awareness week and I've tentatively booked a wind-down event at Cinema Paradiso in Northbridge. Yay! Who wouldn't like a job where you get to ring up the cinema and check out movie reviews? I'm just hoping the 'sophisticated' (D from work reckons this is code for 'contains sex scenes') French (M from work reckons this means there'll definitely be sex scenes) romantic comedy we've chosen will be fun. Thinking positive!

  • Saw a $600 jumper in Claremont tonight. Cool pattern.

  • Bought Caelan a Michelangelo figurine, which he thinks is so cool he'll play with it forever. Gill is supergluing his foot back on tonight.

  • Remembered how Andrew could never get the beers cold enough in the fridge at Augusta when I was sticking my James Squire Golden Ale (it's so yummy!) away and trying to think which shelf to keep it on. Then I remembered that I have the fridge from Augusta.

That's about it. I'll let you know how the cricket do goes!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I caught two taxis tonight. One went a couple of blocks out of my way because he didn't believe the building I wanted was the building I wanted (at first pass I figured I didn't know, on second pass I knew and still he was prepared to keep going) and it cost $10.40. The second driver took me the reverse journey without overshooting and doing a U-ey (actually, drive number one said this was dangerous but I think if he'd seen the pedestrians earlier... yeah) and it cost me $11.70. How is this - does the fare increase incrementally each hour after six pm? Maybe the first driver deducted some because of the roundabout trip, which would have been nice.

I'm still getting used to catching taxis, I don't like getting into cars with strangers and sometimes I feel they think I should be at home. On the way to cricket one Sunday, the driver asked me who went along to watch me - boyfriend, husband, family, friends? The questioning wasn't to suss out my marital status but seemed to imply that somebody should be with me. The team, I explained, they're there. They watch me, and the other club members who come along too.

We have our cricket night out (the swisho night out, not the end-of-training night out where we go to the pub) in a Saturday or two and I forgot to RSVP. So before I took my taxi tonight, I found myself scribbling the silent number of the club treasurer into my journal with an eye pencil so that I could organise a payment. I know I'll have to catch a taxi home because even if it finishes early, nobody likes to know I'm catching a train.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mutant Michelangelo 

Liked Adam Hills' comment on the Logies that if we referred to people with disabilities as mutants, there'd be fewer peope using disabled / mutant parking. Incidentally, My neighbour tonight told me that my parents had told her all about my 'defect' (and how I was in denial!) before I moved in. But nobody would know, she said, the way I stride around. Yep, amazing that my legs still work now that my retinas don't. Lol, I'm surprised how thick my skin is when it comes to this stuff. I'm way too agreeable / accepting - or am I simply denying that my neighbour thinks of me as defective?

So, anyway, the mutant in the title refers to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They're back and I went into town today to see if I could pick up a TMNT (as I overheard a salewoman in Myer call them) toy for Caelan's birthday. Gill says he's into them now that he's seen the movie but she doesn't want to show too much encouragement. Thank God for godmothers, ay? I'm pretty good value considering my defect caused me to crush a car underfoot last Tuesday.

Anyway, so I didn't find what I wanted and bought myself some pastel pencils from Target and a sketch pad instead. I opened them at the train station I was that enthused. I'm not sure what I'm gunna colour yet but I'm going to have some fun.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Slice of Lime 

Gill and I went off to buy new glasses today.

I broke my old pair sometime Thursday night / Friday morning and if I can find the lense (ha, ha) then I can probably fix them. I won't rely on finding the lense to save money when I really need them for work right now.

Gill wanted a second opinion on frames and I did my best. I needed a first opinion because I can't see well enough to take it all in, so it's lucky for me that Gill needed a new pair.

In the shop, the guy asked about my prescription and we showed him the fax from my optometrist in Margs. I'm looking at a pair of glasses from the inside out and kinda half-hear the guy, looking at my script, announce that the script's easy and I 'won't need a labrador for that.'

La, la, la.

Gill and I decide not to explain why it is that she's describing each pair of frames to me. We do mention that my colour vision's a bit shot to explain why she's describing the colours. I mostly refrain from wearing my sunnies under the UV lights of the shop. A song comes on the radio that we both know only as 'one of the pole dancing songs' and we exchange startled looks. We take ages.

Maybe it's a dark thought - and I didn't mention this in the shop either, although it somehow justified my purchase - but I did think that I may not be wearing glasses for the rest of my life, so now's a good time to go purple. My chosen frames are lemon lime on the inside, and I also thought that it wouldn't hurt to get all the good cheer from the visual world that I can get.

By Wednesday we'll both have new specs - Gill's are green and mine will be mostly purple with hints of lemon lime. I paid extra so that I can't match my eyewear with any of my clothes. I'm a creative so that's okay.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ten Minutes to Pumpkin Soup Brain Time 

So I won't be fixing my post title. I've been mega-flaky this week and I'm trying to take a leaf out of my friend-with-chronic-fatigue's book by planning to do less in order to do more. Tonight I planned to send two e-mails and be off the net by 10pm. Why am I now trying to blog on two blogs at once while twittering? No wonder I can't remember my keys/glasses/yoga pants/lease agreement.

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